Staying physically healthy is a continuous process that requires little but very coordinated efforts on our parts. Finding the time and will to make these efforts can be challenging as we are continuously swamped with one activity or the other in our daily lives, however, ignoring your physical wellbeing for a long time can eventually affect your ability to function well in other areas of your life. We recognise the importance of physical health and fitness, which is why we organise activities aimed at helping you achieve this fitness.

When fitness is mentioned, many think of long hours of cardio exercises and gym workouts, but the truth is, you don’t necessarily need to do all this to be fit. One of the easiest and most fun ways to achieve physical fitness is through dancing. The benefits of dancing are not restricted to physical health but emotional health as well.

Think about it, spending a few hours spinning your body and stamping your feet to various sounds from different part of the world, not only is your body fully engrossed in the activity. But your mind too is working at a fast pace to process all the information and react accordingly.

The benefits of dancing are as follows.

  • Physically, dancing helps you to improve your cardiovascular health, regardless of which form of dancing you practice. It also helps to improve your strength and balance as dancing involves movement in all directions and planes of motion.
  • Mentally, it improves cognitive performance. Studies have found that areas of the brain responsible for skills and memory improve with dancing. It also challenges you to think faster and focus as dance sequences are subject to rapid changes in some instances.
  • Dancing is beneficial to people of all ages, and the fact that anyone who can move can dance makes it a great form of fitness.

We organise dancing activities where you can be part of a larger group, dancing to whatever music is playing in your unique way. These activities are beneficial in various ways.

Advantages of our group dancing activities

  • Creating Social Connection: In these dancing activities, you interact with other people and forge vital social bonds and links. This makes it very good for both couples as well as single people and helps to construct better community relationships.
  • It is Affordable: As a community-oriented organisation, we ensure our services are affordable to everyone so everyone can take advantage and involve themselves in it. Our dancing activities are therefore very economical as they cost much lesser than exclusive dancing lessons and are more inclusive.
  • Learn from various sources: Group dancing lets you learn from your dance instructor and even more importantly, even more importantly from other dancers. Through group dancing, you learn dancing moves from colleagues and pick up new perspectives all along the way. This helps you to become a much better dancer than you would be if you do it alone as you learn how to adapt to different dance steps and partners.

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