Tasmania Together provides personal loan services for community members to help them during their moment of need or to achieve personal projects and maintain financial stability. Financial problem is one of the major issues in our society today with economic downturn due to the pandemic and attendant global recession. The pandemic has caused job losses, pay cut, and other negative financial consequence. Despite the laudable efforts of the government to improve living conditions and mitigate the effects, there is a lot to be done. As a community-oriented organisation, we believe that the financial stability of individuals and families within our community is necessary for development and growth. This is why we provide personal loan services through which we help community members to secure financing for their projects.

Personal loans can be used for various purposes which include purchasing equipment, debt consolidation, educational purposes, offsetting medical bills, vacation, and handling emergency financial situations. We also provide personal loans for significant purchases such as cars, boats, and caravans.

Our boat loans cover boats for recreational and commercial purposes. As an island state, a boat is not merely a luxury but at times a necessity, and it is also a good investment. Given the high cost of boats, most people cannot afford to buy one outright and will require financing either through their banks or the boat dealership. In a case where you don’t want to go through your bank or dealership for any reason, we can help you secure loans to buy the boat outright. Our lenders offer hundred per cent loans that cover the total cost of the boat package and is available at a low-interest rate. You can easily negotiate loan terms and make adjustments where necessary to suit your individual financial needs. Boat loans are not only limited to new boats, but you can also acquire a used boat with the loan. Thus, no matter the brand, model, or size of boar you want, you can use a personal loan to finance your purchase.

Caravan or recreational vehicle is another significant product that you can use personal loans for. These vehicles are great for adventure as they offer mobility with living space which means you are spared the cost and stress of checking into a motel or setting up camp every night or limiting the distance you cover because of fear that you may not find a suitable place to rest during the night. Tasmania has a lot of great places you can explore, and the best way to explore these places is in your caravan. However, the cost of a caravan may discourage you, especially in light of prevailing economic conditions; the truth is that it should not. Tasmania Together recognises the importance of tourism and how essential achieving personal goals and milestone are to the happiness of individuals, families, and community, we know that for a community to develop, its people must be happy. That is why we provide caravan financing services to help you fund this essential tool needed for your adventures. We offer caravan loans with low interest and also provides advice on the right caravan to get based on your needs. With this caravan financing, you can explore the nook and cranny of Tasmania and have a true feel of the natural habitat that our great state has to offer.

Why You Should Use Our Personal Loan Services

The personal loan service is community-oriented to help members of the community achieve financial stability and improve their living conditions. This service stands out for many reasons which include:

  • Smooth Application Process: Generally, securing a personal loan is a complex process where the lender requests for various documents and certifications before he can even start processing the loan. At Tasmania Together, the process is different. You are only required to fill an application form, submit a few documents that back up all the claims you make in the application, and leave the rest to us. We liaise with various lenders to find the one who can offer you the best deal possible and examine those deals for you to make sure you get only the best loan of them all.
  • Flexible Loan Options: Having multiple lenders is not without its advantages, and one of such advantages is that it gives you the opportunity to various loan terms and create room for proper negotiations to your advantage. When you are restricted to one lender, you cannot easily negotiate for a better deal since you are not sure if you will find another lender. But with us, you already have access to a variety of traditional and non-traditional lenders, negotiating a fair and suitable loan deal is relatively easier as you can easily reject a deal and go for another. Coupled with this is the fact that our financial experts help you with the negotiation process. The loan terms are flexible and reflect individual financial conditions. With us, there is no one size fit all agreement. Each agreement is carefully drafted to reflect your preferences, and the only thing that is fixed throughout the life of the loan is the interest rate. The duration of the loan, repayment structure and other details change from client to client.
  • Experienced Financial Experts: Making the right financial decisions is vital for financial stability. These decisions are not usually as simple as we think they are, and sometimes, we need genuine expert opinions to avoid making a disastrous decision. At Tasmania Together, we have financial experts who are not merely concerned about closing the loan deal and getting a commission. They are members of the community too and care about the development of the community and its people, so they don’t just read through loan terms and get you to agree to it. They first get a full understanding of your financial position, analyse your situation, and give unbiased expert advice that will benefit your general financial wellbeing. So, you will not just be dealing with accountants, you Will be dealing with accountants who care.

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