Parenting is serious business, but most times, many don’t recognise how important it is. Even those who do make no effort to learn how to do it right. As humans, we have learnt to accept that parenting is something you learn on the job. However, this approach is not always beneficial, and there are times the negative consequences of parental decisions are irreversible. It is natural for parents to want the best for their children, but knowing how to provide the necessary tools for the children to achieve success, happiness, and fulfilment takes more than just instinct, it requires experience which can be learnt at times.

At Tasmania Together, we organise various parenting programs which seek to educate parents on how to effectively handle different stages of their children’s growth and make parental decisions that will be of great benefit to the child. The parenting programs are impactful and has helped to create Stronger and more valuable relationships between parents and children. The programs encourage open communication within families and have fostered a family environment where children feel safe and secure, and more receptive to positive values that can only be acquired through the family unit.

The importance of parenting programs cannot be overemphasised because the consequences of bad parenting do not only reflect on individuals but society in general. Major societal ills such as drug abuse, sexual misdemeanours and abuse, other age-related crimes, etc. can be traced to the family unit, in particular, children who grew up in broken or conflict-ridden homes.

Given these consequences, ignoring parental problems or leaving it in the purview of parents alone will only mean the doom of our society. The truth is that every parent needs help in one way or another since no child came with a manual stating how best to raise the child. While trials and errors cannot be avoided in its totality, it can be reduced to inconsequential decisions that will not have a permanent effect on the child’s physical and mental wellbeing or affect the child’s ability to grow into a functional adult and model citizen.

To achieve this, we organise various programs for parents in all categories starting from new parents, parents of children in their formative years, as well as teens. In each of these stages, parents encounter new parental problems and require new techniques and methods to solve them. We ensure that they are fully equipped to handle each of the stages.

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