Tasmania Together organises community outreach programs so that people in rural and remote areas can feel its impact and enjoy the benefits that those in major cities are towns are also enjoying. As the most remote state in the country, an island cut off from the mainland, we understand how lack of easy accessibility can cause impede development and have an adverse effect on the growth of a community and its people.

Community outreach services help to connect individuals to appropriate services and agencies and open their eyes and minds to the various opportunities that are available to them. Thus, it serves as a means of awareness too.

Our outreach services come in various forms. These include health services delivery to remote communities and underserved areas. Health practitioners and volunteers are mobilised and use means such as Telemedicine, mobile clinics, etc. to deliver healthcare services to people in these areas.

Apart from health needs, our community outreach services also meet other compelling needs such as food, education, and support community activities and events for raising funds. Through these outreach services, we aid communities to achieve their developmental goals, donate various educational materials to schools and other learning centres in disadvantaged communities to improve the learning process.

At Tasmania Together, we believe that there is a need to make a difference in our communities, and such difference has to be both mental and physical. Providing various food, health, and educational materials to disadvantaged communities help to lessen the brunt of the lack, and by providing access and linking the community and its people to more opportunities, they can achieve their potential in growth and development.

We work with local organisations and groups to achieve the ultimate goal – the development of Tasmania and its people.

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