Aging brings many changes to the body system and dealing with these changes usually requires home care to ensure that this stage of life is a good and problem-free one for the elderly. Thus, Finding the right home care service is essential at this stage. Tasmania Together provides home care package services for the seniors in the state to ensure they spend the last years of their lives contented and happy.

Our home care package consists of various services which provide the elderly with basic care and support in this vulnerable stage of their lives. It covers services such as personal care, transportation and movement, shopping, home modification and maintenance, medical services, food, etc. The services to be provided will usually depend on the conditions and needs of the senior. While some require comprehensive care and support, which covers all of our home care packages, others only require one service or the other. Home care packages have four distinct levels, and seniors usually benefit from one of these levels. The levels are:

  • Basic Care Needs: This level is for seniors who only require basic support and care. They are the ones with no life-threatening or extreme cases that require special or intensive care. The needs at this level include primary tasks such as brushing and bathing, house chores such as clearing and cleaning, shopping, meal preparation, and other everyday tasks.
  • Low care needs: The difference between this and basic care is not that glaring, only that this level includes additional features. Apart from the basic needs, there are others such as rental or loans of equipment for basic care, a more comprehensive shopping, and nursing care based on the medical history of the person.
  • Intermediate Care Needs: The level of care at this level is more complex. Apart from the basic and low care needs, there are technical needs such as nursing support, medication management, and helping the person cope with changes in behaviour and/or memory.
  • High care Needs: This is the highest level when it comes to home care packages. It is specially designed for seniors who have extreme needs and requires intensive care. It combines all the cares of the previous levels and more. Seniors with health conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease, disabilities, and dementia usually requires this level of care to enjoy the final stage of their life.

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