Tasmania Together is dedicated to helping the elderly maintain a good standard of living even age has rendered them incapable of performing specific tasks. One such task is food service and shopping. To ensure that senior citizens stay healthy, independent, and functional in their old age, we provide shopping and food delivery services.

Factors responsible for difficulties in food shopping for the elderly

  • Complicated and unconducive store layout and inadequate rest facilities
  • Difficulty with carrying bought goods
  • Difficulty in transport especially for those living far from supermarkets and food stores or those who are unable to drive
  • Lack of internet know-how needed for online shopping

This service could come in various forms:

  • Escort shopping service: For older people who are still mobile enough to go out but require assistance with transports, we provide older people with escorts who will drive them to food stores, help them with getting the things they need and drive them back home. This service is provided for individuals well as groups and offers the opportunity for senior, especially those who live alone, to interact with other people and make new connections.
  • Home delivery: This service is for those who are unable to go out and do their shopping either due to a medical or personal reason. In this case, we work with the person to make a grocery list and visit the supermarkets and food stores to get all the needed ingredients on their behalf after which we deliver it to their home.
  • Internet Shopping: Today, internet shopping is a norm that has been accepted in society due to its benefits. However, not everyone has been able to take full advantage of the benefits of internet shopping. Most seniors, except the internet savvy ones, cannot use this service. As part of our shopping services, we place orders on behalf of the older person and the product is delivered directly to the person’s home. Thus, the elderly can take full advantage of internet shopping even though they cannot operate a computer.

Our food and shopping service offers a lot of benefits. These include:

  • It has helped to reduce social isolation among older people.
  • It has helped to prevent malnutrition and other health problems that could be caused by inadequate or improper diet among the elderly.
  • It has enabled the elderly to remain independent, functional, and in their home for a longer period.

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