The goal of this program lies in the name, to improve the lives of various families, usually in situations where such help is necessary to prevent the worsening of the current conditions. Family support can come in multiple forms; it could be as financial support and empowerment, medical support, child support, counselling services, etc. Whichever form it comes in, the point is always to show you that whatever you are going through as a family, your struggle does not have to be individual. There are others within the society who are concerned about you and willing to help.

As part of our commitment to ensuring the stability and wellbeing of the family unit, we provide various forms of family support services as we deem necessary to ensure that the family play its role efficiently. The role in this context refers to serving as the nurturing place where a child can grow and grow into a functional adult.

We recognize that while the goal of every family is to provide a soothing and conducive environment for every member, achieving this is not always an easy thing. There are hundreds of challenges that could stop any family from achieving this, which include financial difficulties, health problems, social isolation, and many others. In the face of these challenges, even the strongest and close-knit family can struggle and may require help to survive.

The benefits of Family support are numerous and include:

  • Aid parents in their efforts to help their children reach their potential
  • Increase the chances of the family to survive various social challenges
  • Support families in creating relationships and connections with other families within the community

Our family support programs are tailored towards the needs of each family with complete consideration for all the factors that make the family unique such as culture, religion, values, preferences, etc. By doing this, we ensure that our efforts address the actual issues without alienating any part of society.

Family support programs include activities such as workshops and training, support groups, counselling, healthcare, social activities, and many others.

Our team include experienced family support specialists who can evaluate the needs of a family, get the necessary assistance for a family, and also recommend various educational and support programs.

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