Tasmania Together uses formal and informal methods to promote social development within the state. We believe that by developing the capacity of individuals within our community, the community itself will improve and we can achieve our goal, which is to improve the quality of life and enhance the standard of living throughout Tasmania.

We recognise that formal education, despite its many advantages cannot completely fulfil the role of educating and training individuals to be responsible adults within their respective communities, so we ensure that informal education supplements for where the formal is lacking.

Our community education programs include

  • Adult Education: This is for adult learners seeking to improve their knowledge or acquire new skills. We offer various courses based on the interests and needs of adults. They include Art and Craft, Languages, Fitness and Well-being, Humanities, Sciences, Lifestyle and DIY, Technology and Computing, etc. The courses seek to aid personal development, employment, and at times, general skills needed for good living. Our adult education program organised with convenience in mind and offer adult the opportunity to meet new people, discover hidden talents, and leverage on the learnt skills for better living. We believe that no matter how old a person is, there is always something to learn, this adult education program is an avenue to learn those things.
  • Skills Training: We also organise vocational training programs for both adults and youth to enable them to acquire basic vocational and DIY skills. These skills can provide employment where it is further developed, thus, serving as economic empowerment. However, even where it is not developed further, the skills can still come handy. These skills are not limited to vocational but also include mental ones such as leadership skills, teamwork, emotional intelligence, communication skills, etc. which would help the youth to participate in community development and function effectively within the society.

We enlist the help of professionals, trade organisations, volunteers, etc. to educate and train interested members within a community. Most times, the skill training programs are organised free of charge for participants.

However, where there is a payment, it is at an affordable rate so that every interested member of the community can pay regardless of financial standing.

Through our community education and skill training programs, we encourage the participation of people from all age groups and diverse cultural origins to participate actively in community development.

You can contact us to make further enquiries.