We provide help for young people who are currently battling alcohol and drug misuse and abuse as well as those who are indirectly affected by drug and alcohol use due to the substance abuse of their parent or caregiver.

The problem of drug and alcohol use is a multidimensional one in terms of roots of effects. Even as efforts are ongoing in all parts of the country to reduce the prevalence, the truth is that most times, this problem is merely a symptom of a much larger problem, and to solve it effectively, the root problem has to be eliminated. Factors such as broken families, peer pressure, mental health problems, lack of or inadequate parental care, lack of employment, and education, among many others, have been identified as fundamental causes of this problem.

Unfortunately, the causes of the problem usually end up becoming its effects as well, only this time, on another generation. Drugs have significant consequences on the growth and development of a person, especially the mental development. Apart from this, drugs and alcohol use in young people is usually the catalyst for poor and regrettable decisions, which may have a lasting effect on them. There is also the attendant risk of addiction, the development of heart diseases, sleep disorders, high blood pressure in later life, and a rise in crime. In this manner, the effects of drugs and alcohol use are cross-generational, and society can continue to suffer from the abuse of one generation for years.

As an organisation seeking to human and community development, drug and alcohol use represents a stumbling block to achieving this goal, which is why we are working to reduce and eradicate it.

Parts of our services through this program include:

  • Assessment of drug and alcohol use for a young person
  • Creating treatment plans to help address drug and alcohol use
  • One on one sessions with young persons having drugs and alcohol issues
  • Helping them to access healthcare services as well as substitute prescribing services
  • Awareness programs to educate youth on the harmful effects of the use of these substances

How the Program Operates

We have a specialised treatment service for helping those battling with substance use to overcome this problem and live normal healthy lives.

Once a young person in need of help contacts us, or we get the information through referral, our specialists swing into action immediately and fix an appointment.

The first appointment is spent trying to figure out the actual problem and the kind of help the young person needs. The latent issues behind the substance abuse are identified, and together, we set goals that we work towards during the treatment.

Once the person has been attached to a worker and goals have been set and, all that is left is constant communications between the young person and the specialist. This goes on for as long as the person feels it is necessary, and until the treatment goal is achieved or when they feel there is no need for support anymore.

You can contact us to make further enquiries.