At Together Tasmania, we believe that every young person is capable of greatness with the right support. For young people to reach their potential and develop into functional adults and model citizens, they need support based on their terms. Tasmania Together provides a support base that recognises the need for a respectful relationship for vulnerable youth. This is one of the things what our case management service is all about. We use a relationship-based comprehensive approach focused on developing the talents and strengths of a young person and reducing their risk to harm and trauma.

We have a team of case managers who are dedicated to improving society by improving the quality of life for its young people. They create individual plans and goals tailored to the needs of each youth they are working with to positive such a young person for a stable and secure future. They achieve this using a variety of methods either individually or combined.

These include:

  • Housing Support: We look into available housing options for both short term and long term needs of the young people under our care. Various housing options include emergency shelter, host homes, bridge housing, permanent supportive housing, etc.
  • Family Reunification: In the cases of homeless young persons, our case managers work to ensure they return home to a supportive and secure family unit. We work with the individual and their family to deal with issues that must have led the young person to leave home. We ensure that the conflicts are resolved so that the reunification can be effective. The importance of a supportive family to the proper development of a young person cannot be overemphasised, so we ensure a young person take full advantage of this opportunity. We reconnect the individual with the family and establish a plan to smoothen the reunification process.
  • Pregnant and Parenting: We also have case managers who are trained in dealing with pregnant youths or those who are already parents. We offer different forms of supports, care and benefits to help them cope with their conditions.

Apart from social issues, our case management also covers health issues and care services. We work with parents and family to help children with various health conditions function efficiently in society and reach their potential.

Our case managers recognise the importance of understanding the needs of the child and your family dynamics, so the first meeting is used to discuss all these and the draft a unique plan for support, care, and rehabilitation. This plan is what we implement and coordinate based on the timeline that is also agreed upon.

While they have a speciality in different areas of child psychology, our case managers all have the same passion for the development of young people and ensuring they grow up to be independent as possible. They achieve this by facilitating the right opportunities for growth and helping young people get the best from such opportunities.

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